Drug safety regulators with the Food and Drug Administration recently issued a warning about the popular diabetes drug Actos after extensive research linked the drug to an increased risk of bladder cancer.

The warning comes as a shock to millions of Americans who take the drug for type II diabetes, especially those who switched from the controversial drug Avandia in recent years thinking Actos would be a safer alternative. If you have been affected by these severe side effects, however, lawyers can file a Michigan Actos Lawsuit to help.

Actos has been on the market since 1999 and is the most popular drug in the world for the treatment of type II diabetes. The FDA estimates that approximately 2 million people in the United States alone took it in 2010.

For years, researchers in the United States in France studied more than 185,000 patients taking Actos compared to diabetics not taking the drug. They recently released findings showing that taking high doses of Actos for more than a year can increase the risk of bladder cancer by as much as 40%.

Because of the spread of diabetes in recent decades and the popularity of Actos, experts fear that millions of patients may be affected. Legal help is available to those who have taken the drug and been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

If you took Actos and have been diagnosed with bladder cancer, it is important to lean your rights for a Michigan Actos Lawsuit.  You may be entitled to a substantial recovery to help you and your family fight this disease. Contact us today.

Drug safety agencies in Germany and France recently announced that they were banning all new prescriptions of Actos based on research linking the drug to bladder cancer. In the United States and the rest of Europe, however, it remains on the market for now pending further research.

The U.S. FDA has ordered the maker of Actos, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, to add warnings about bladder cancer to its label. Anyone currently taking the drug should speak with their doctor to find out if there is a safer alternative. If you have been diagnosed, learn about your options for a Michigan Actos Lawsuit today.

Nobody should file a lawsuit unless they can show that a company made a defective product that caused them injury. However, the evidence linking Actos to bladder cancer is clear. A lawyer can also explain how Takeda Pharmaceuticals may have known of the risks of Actos, but has continued earning billions of dollars selling it regardless.

Although the evidence continues to mount showing Actos has serious health risks such as bladder cancer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals has stated they believe the drug has positive results. This comes as little surprise since Actos is their top-selling drug and earned the company $3.4 billion in 2010 alone.

Bladder cancer is a very severe and potentially fatal disease which attacks the lining of the bladder.  Almost 70,000 people are diagnosed each year in the United States and almost 15,000 people die from the disease. However, bladder cancer can be treated effectively if it is detected early.

Therefore, it is very important to check for early symptoms of bladder cancer, which include blood in the urine, discolored urine, frequent or painful urination, and pain in the back or abdomen.

Fighting bladder cancer can take years of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, vaccines and immunotherapy. You and your family should not be burdened by the medical costs, pain, suffering and loss of earnings that come from this simply because of the negligence of a large drug company.

Lawyers with the Actos Litigation Group are currently investigating claims to file lawsuits on behalf of those injured by the side effects of this drug.  These same lawyers are available to answer your questions about a Michigan Actos Lawsuit today.

Every lawsuit has an expiration period, or Statute of Limitations, on the amount of time you have to file.  Each case also has a different value based on your unique situation. Only a qualified lawyer can explain the value of your lawsuit and how much time you have to take action before your legal rights expire.

Lawsuits for drug injuries such as bladder cancer are complex legal matters which require substantial legal experience, a thorough investigation of medical records, testimony by top medical experts, and significant resources to fight large drug companies that don’t want to admit they are at fault.

Before you choose a lawyer to help with your case, ask them if they are qualified to handle this type of lawsuit, whether they have experience fighting large drug companies and whether they have the resources necessary to continue fighting your case as long as it takes to recover.

At ActosCenter, we work with only the top drug injury lawyers and law firms in the United States to make sure your case is handled properly.

If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking Actos, contact us today for a confidential evaluation of your case. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and discuss your legal options.